Advantages to Driving a School Bus

Advantages to Driving a School Bus

Driving a school bus can be an ideal career for anyone, whether you’re an independent self-starter or a retiree looking for something new to keep you busy. If you have a knack for interacting with people and especially love children and working with them, you should consider this career. Being a school bus driver can … Read more

School Bus Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Over 25 million students take the school bus to and from school. School buses are designed for safety, equipped with flashing lights, a stop sign arm, giant mirrors, and a bright yellow color. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated students are 70 times more likely to arrive safely at school when they ride … Read more

How to Find the Best School Bus Driver

A good bus driver consists of essential characteristics, such as driving skills, the ability to follow established routes, and compliance with the traffic rules. But the best school driver is just more than those qualities.   Parents, guardians, and teachers rely on the school bus drivers to safely transport their children to and from school.  … Read more

How to Help Students to Learn to Love Riding the Bus

Some students are excited about hopping onto the school bus, while others may be reluctant about riding it. Many school children, especially the first-timers, may feel anxious riding the bus during the first few weeks, and it’s quite understandable. After all, they’re getting on board a big, yellow vehicle with many other kids they don’t … Read more