Career Perks for PA School Bus Drivers

Driving a school bus can be a secure and rewarding profession, regardless of your age, education, and past work experience. 

Do you like working with people, especially children? Are you also seeking a career that offers training, flexibility, and good benefits? Driving a school bus would be a great career option for numerous reasons.

If one of your career and personal objectives is to positively impact your community, driving a school bus is an ideal opportunity. Learn about the career perks for PA school bus drivers.


While benefits vary from one job to another, school bus drivers – full-time and even part-time – will receive a steady income and benefits such as sick days, health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, paid vacation, and retirement plans.

Flexible schedule

Many school bus drivers typically work from early morning to late afternoon. They have a long break in the middle of their working hours, which means the drivers can do other things, such as taking a rest, running errands, scheduling a doctor’s appointment, completing personal tasks, doing workouts, or doing their hobbies. Most school bus drivers enjoy this kind of flexibility.

Free training and certifications

One of the great things about becoming a school bus driver is that getting a job doesn’t require a similar experience. The job doesn’t even require anyone to be a college graduate. You only need a high school diploma or certificate of equivalency, a commercial driver’s license, and good hearing and vision to apply for the job as a school bus driver.

Once hired, you can take advantage of the complimentary training program covered many school bus contractors. The first part of the training is usually spent in the classroom, where you will learn about the appropriate bus routes, traffic laws, and safety practices on and off the school bus – everything you need to know to do your job the right way. The other part of the training allows you to demonstrate your ability to drive and follow traffic laws in simulated and real-life situations.

The training will help you keep yourself, your passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists safe while driving the vehicle. 

Summer breaks and holidays

Driving a school bus is a seasonal profession in most school districts. This means that you can take your summers and holidays off to be with your family and friends, just as the students are taking their time off from school during summer and holiday breaks.

While many see this as one of the perks of being a school bus driver, it is not the only option. You can make use of your free time by jumping into other career opportunities or hobbies, making school bus driving one of the least restrictive professions out there.

Making a positive impact on your community

If you are the type of person who thrives by interaction, school bus driving gives you the perfect opportunity to meet and socialize with different people every day – students, parents, teachers, school officials, and other people who live in the same area. This profession allows you to connect, build relationships, and serve the people in your community.

School bus drivers serve a distinct purpose in the lives of the people they encounter, especially in the lives of the students. The drivers provide access to education that enables students to achieve their full potential.

Apply as a school bus driver today!

Whether you want to switch careers, are retired and looking for a part-time position, or are looking for your first job, becoming a school bus driver can be an excellent career option. 

If you love interacting with people, especially children, this job provides you with the perfect opportunity to do so. Knowing the fact that you are serving the people of your community is enough to make this profession rewarding.

We at You Behind the Wheel know that reliable and safe transportation is just as important as the person driving. Go to our blog and find articles about school bus safety. 

Begin the process of getting a new career as a school bus driver so that you can enjoy the numerous perks and benefits! Check out the list of school bus driver job openings here.