PA School Bus Driver: The Perfect Job for Moms with Kids

Being a PA school bus driver used to be a traditionally male profession. However, an increasing number of women have taken the same route, so to speak. It’s pretty usual to see women school bus drivers nowadays. In fact, according to a Zippia research in 2018, 53.3% of all school bus drivers in the US … Read more

Many PA School Bus Contractors Need School Bus Drivers

School bus contractors are private companies that provide student transport services to a school district or a private school. It’s a given that many PA school bus contractors need school bus drivers to keep their business going and to keep up with the schools’ demands for student transportation services. Pennsylvania is a state that has … Read more

Ways School Bus Services Benefit Their Communities

Since the first all-steel school bus was introduced in the 1930s, school buses have been familiar sights on the road. Today, school buses transport around 26 million students to and from school each day. School buses serve well, not only to the students and their families but also to the entire community. Here are the … Read more

Is Prior Professional Driving Experience Required to Become a School Bus Driver?

When looking for Pennsylvania school bus jobs, you find out that many school districts and school bus contractors have different requirements. But is a prior professional driving experience required to become qualified as a school bus driver? A significant responsibility for school bus drivers is transporting students safely to and from school and events (such … Read more