Can You Become a Part-Time PA School Bus Driver?

Can You Become a Part-Time PA School Bus Driver?

If you’re looking for a sideline job to supplement your income or just looking for first work experience, you might be interested in the part-time PA school bus driver position. The job of a school bus driver will offer you the following: Deeply enriching experiences Competitive pay and benefits packages No prior education required Free … Read more

PA School Bus Driver – Why It’s a Great Part-Time Job

If you’re looking for a profession that you may find genuinely satisfying in almost all aspects, perhaps you may want to become a PA school bus driver? While driving a school bus may not be the next career choice that first pops into your head, it’s a satisfying job, even fun. Of course, it has … Read more

Do You Meet the PA School Bus Driver Requirements?

Being a PA school bus driver is a challenging yet rewarding job. If you love being and working with children, this career will also be fulfilling. You are also aware that the schoolchildren’s safety is of utmost importance. And this is why as an aspiring school bus driver, you should take your duties very seriously. … Read more

Transporting Students with Special Needs

One of the traits of a great bus driver is concern towards all student passengers, but most especially patience and compassion towards students with special needs and disabilities. In different states, a school district may need specialized transportation to a student with special needs who is not under special education. The school administration system has … Read more

The History of the Yellow School Bus

Yellow school buses have truly evolved over the decades – from the first horse-drawn wagons in the early 20th century to the state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly school buses of today.   Today, most kids take the school bus, and that’s something that they take for granted. But it’s hard to imagine what school transportation was like back … Read more

A Typical Day for a PA School Bus Driver

Working as a PA school bus driver is typically a part-time job. However, it comes with full responsibility. Driving the children to and from school is a primary task. But that’s not just what a school bus driver does every day. There are more things that a school bus driver does each day that are … Read more

Qualities Pennsylvania School Bus Drivers Have in Common

As Pennsylvania school bus drivers, it’s your responsibility to safely transport schoolchildren (and other passengers) to and from school. To become exemplary bus drivers in their district, they follow established routes and observe and obey traffic laws. They also do routine inspections on their vehicles to ensure that they are safe and in working condition. … Read more

Pennsylvania School Bus Drivers Encourage Students to Be Safe

School buses are probably the safest mode of transportation for children going to and from school. Because of its features (yellow color, compartmentalized design, secured seating, safety locks on doors, etc.), which make it unique from the other vehicles, a school bus is designed for the safety of its young passengers. In addition to these … Read more

PA School Bus Driver: The Perfect Job for Moms with Kids

PA School Bus Driver: The Perfect Job for Moms with Kids

Being a PA school bus driver used to be a traditionally male profession. However, an increasing number of women have taken the same route, so to speak. It’s pretty usual to see women school bus drivers nowadays. In fact, according to a Zippia research in 2018, 53.3% of all school bus drivers in the US … Read more

PA School Bus Drivers Having a Positive Impact on Students

PA School Bus Drivers Having a Positive Impact on Students

PA school bus drivers are responsible for the student’s safety while they’re on the bus. Although it’s the driver’s main job, it’s not the only job. It’s so much more than that. When sending your children off to school, rest assured that they’re in good hands. The school bus driver plays a vital role in … Read more