A Typical Day for a PA School Bus Driver

Working as a PA school bus driver is typically a part-time job. However, it comes with full responsibility. Driving the children to and from school is a primary task. But that’s not just what a school bus driver does every day. There are more things that a school bus driver does each day that are more than what’s usually in the job description.

A school bus driver’s typical day will include:

Clocking in: Some drivers keep their vehicles at home and don’t bother with this step. But those who meet at a depot or parking garage typically start their day by clocking in.

School bus inspections: School bus drivers are also responsible for checking and maintaining the vehicle. The school bus driver conducts a complete examination of the bus every day. They check the lights, doors, windshield wipers, tire pressure, fluid levels, and brakes to ensure they function correctly.

Weather inspection: The school bus driver also checks the weather condition to ensure that it’s safe to drive outside.

Daily school bus routes: The bus driver needs to focus on driving safely and carefully. They have to know the fixed route, meet scheduled timetables, and observe traffic rules (reading traffic signs, regarding traffic lights, etc.). However, it’s more than those typical duties. The school bus driver should also monitor the children and make sure there’s no horseplaying, bullying, or any untoward or harmful behavior taking place. Regular interactions between the driver and the students usually keep the children safe and encourage them to communicate.

Tasks between morning and afternoon: Many part-time school bus drivers use their free time to rest and recharge. Some use their free time to complete personal tasks and errands, while others choose to complete additional bus driving, have the bus refueled, or do further checks and maintenance of the vehicle. Many school bus drivers also perform other work for the school during their free time. It can include driving for off-the-campus events like field trips and sporting events, working with the school food and canteen service, assisting the teachers in more menial tasks (such as arranging essential documents), or doing some janitorial work.

Returning the bus: After returning the children home, the driver has to clock out (if necessary) and return the bus to its original location.

But his job still doesn’t end there. At this point, the driver completes the necessary vehicle inspections, repair reports, and cleaning to prepare the vehicle for the next day’s trip.

Paperwork: Many school bus drivers use the end of their workday by completing regular school bus paperwork, usually about the routes they take. However, specific standards and timelines may vary depending on the school district.

Are you aspiring to be a school bus driver? Now you know what to expect from a school bus driver and what he does daily. A typical day for school bus drivers involves more than just driving the students to and from school – there’s also a lot of other work to do! However, many people are attracted by the perks of being a school bus driver. These include weekends, holidays, school breaks; employee benefits (health, dental, retirement benefits); and an opportunity to become a better community member. These perks make the job more meaningful. Read more about them here: Pennsylvania School Bus Drivers Receive Health Care.

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