School Bus Drivers Want to Know If Driving Offsets Daycare Costs

More people choose school bus driving as their next career option. Compared to other professions, school bus driving is a viable career option for parents of young children. Parents considering a school bus driver career want to know if this job offsets daycare costs. In most districts, school bus drivers can bring up to two pre-school-aged children on the bus with them.

Many jobs require parents to leave their children at a daycare center or a babysitter. Parents who are school bus drivers find their jobs gratifying and rewarding. Not only do they have a steady source of income (plus a benefits package), but they can also bring their children to work, allowing them to look after and spend time with them. It frees parents from paying for childcare or babysitting, saving them a significant amount of money.

Many parents are still stuck with the question: how much does daycare cost in Pennsylvania? It’s hard to know how much money you should spend on daycare since there are so many options – but most of these options are usually expensive.

The average cost of daycare for one young child is $887 a month, depending upon where you live. If you multiply that amount by 12 months, the total will be $10,644 for daycare. So, it means you’ll be spending almost $11,000 on care for one child alone. That amount will dramatically increase if you have two or more younger children.

So, let’s say that your total annual income is $16,250 (that figure includes your annual working pay and total unemployment benefit). Choosing a career as a school bus driver will save you $10,644 that you would have paid every year for childcare. It means that your annual income will be at least $26,894 – while working part-time.

The saved costs of childcare will be a tremendous benefit when driving a school bus. But it’s not the only benefit! Here are some of the few other perks that come with this profession:

  • Have weekends, summers, and holidays off.
  • Spend the middle of your days doing whatever you want.
  • Option to receive unemployment benefit during summer breaks.
  • Other benefits packages include (but are not limited to) health and dental insurance, retirement savings plans, and further compensation.
  • School bus companies pay for your training and licensing.
  • Other perks (depending on the company) may also include an attendance bonus.

And the most significant benefit of driving a school bus? You get paid while spending valuable time with your children during their growing-up years. And, because you’ll be a driver, and you know Pennsylvania School Bus Drivers Encourage Students to Be Safe, you can also teach your children in the process.

If you are a parent looking for a rewarding job to support yourself and your kids comfortably – while still being able to spend precious time with them every day – there couldn’t have been a better career choice than a school bus driver. Are you interested? Explore openings for a school bus driving career on