How to Know if PA School Bus Driver Is Good at Their Job

A day of the life of a PA school bus driver consists of the same schedule each weekday. The day starts by completing their pre-checks. Then they pick up the kids on their route early in the morning. Next, they drop the students off at school. They have a midday break before picking them up from school and driving them home. Finally, they clean the bus and check it before heading home.

But being a school bus driver is more than just driving a big, yellow vehicle full of children. It takes more than the fundamental knowledge of driving a school bus and carrying out the regular duties expected from them. More importantly, it takes patience, personability, and commitment.

Not everyone is cut out to be or should be a school bus driver. But if you love kids, you will love working with them, too. Thus, a career as a bus driver could be gratifying.

Another essential characteristic of a school bus driver is mindfulness about safety. A good school bus driver makes the safety of the children a top priority, together with the safety of other drivers and their safety. They are familiar with the rules of the road and commit to driving attentively at all times.

A good bus driver also knows all the recommended safety procedures and guidelines and takes them seriously. It will help them protect themselves, their young passengers, and others on the road.

In addition, a good school bus driver can perform essential maintenance of their vehicle. They keep the bus clean, neat, and tidy. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, sanitizing school bus vehicles has become the norm nowadays. So, a school bus driver does the additional duty of cleaning and disinfecting their vehicle – including its cooling, ventilation, and heating systems – before and after use.

A good school bus driver inspects buses to ensure that the components are in good working condition. If they find potential problems in the vehicle, they report them to the supervisor. They also make sure that the vehicle has enough fuel for the day’s trips.

School bus drivers are fully aware of the immense responsibility of ensuring schoolchildren remain safe and comfortable during their daily rides. Getting to know students and their families is an excellent way to create and build a significant level of trust. Having a little knowledge of everyone’s background can help a bus driver understand each child’s behaviors and support their parents or guardians to feel comfortable sending them onto the bus every school day.

School bus drivers are usually familiar with the entire local area, not just the established routes they regularly drive on. They are also knowledgeable of the events that the students or other community members may participate in. This will help school bus drivers be more efficient in their duties; it will also help them become more trustworthy figures.

Like driving other vehicles, driving a school bus can be stressful at times. But some challenges that school bus drivers face are a little more unique. As you can see, a lot goes on inside and outside the school bus. There’s the traffic congestion, inclement weather, talkative children, and construction on the road. A great school bus driver has a patient manner. They remain calm under pressure. When they keep a clear head when these issues crop up, they may now appear less of a challenge.

School bus drivers work with different individuals in the line of duty – students and their parents or guardians, teachers, and everyone else in the school administration. Because of the regular encounters with their drivers, students often become pretty familiar with their drivers and start to look at them as familiar figures because of the everyday encounters with their drivers. A great bus driver treats each passenger with kindness and respect and is cheerful, reassuring, and personable.

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