Can Military Veterans Be School Bus Drivers?

Can Military Veterans Be School Bus Drivers?

Anyone can be a school bus driver, regardless of age, educational background, or previous occupation. But can military veterans be school bus drivers, as well? Driving a school bus is an occupation like no other. It’s more than driving a large vehicle full of young students. School bus drivers can double or triple their responsibilities … Read more

Can You Become a Part-Time PA School Bus Driver?

Can You Become a Part-Time PA School Bus Driver?

If you’re looking for a sideline job to supplement your income or just looking for first work experience, you might be interested in the part-time PA school bus driver position. The job of a school bus driver will offer you the following: Deeply enriching experiences Competitive pay and benefits packages No prior education required Free … Read more

How PA School Bus Drivers Can Help Students Succeed

How PA School Bus Drivers Can Help Students Succeed

It doesn’t look like it, but PA school bus drivers play a crucial role in the students’ lives. While it is no doubt that safe transportation for the children to and from is essential, we tend to take school buses and their drivers for granted. It’s easy for us to forget how something as simple … Read more

PA School Bus Driver – Why It’s a Great Part-Time Job

If you’re looking for a profession that you may find genuinely satisfying in almost all aspects, perhaps you may want to become a PA school bus driver? While driving a school bus may not be the next career choice that first pops into your head, it’s a satisfying job, even fun. Of course, it has … Read more

Pros and Cons of Being a School Bus Driver

If you are a self-starter who also likes interacting with people, especially children, you may consider a career as a school bus driver. School bus drivers transport school children to and from school following an established route. But beyond driving, school bus drivers perform other functions and responsibilities, such as performing inspections on the bus … Read more

How to Find the Best School Bus Driver

A good bus driver consists of essential characteristics, such as driving skills, the ability to follow established routes, and compliance with the traffic rules. But the best school driver is just more than those qualities.   Parents, guardians, and teachers rely on the school bus drivers to safely transport their children to and from school.  … Read more

Secrets Often Shared by the Best PA School Bus Drivers

Have you ever wondered why there are good school bus drivers and the best PA school bus drivers? Like other professionals, school bus drivers also have good and bad secrets. Only the best ones know how to find a way to avoid or overcome difficult situations and are richly rewarded for a job well done.   If … Read more

Getting the Right Training for PA School Bus Drivers

PA school bus drivers have only one task on their minds – to safely transport students to and from school. The safety of the schoolchildren is of utmost importance. That’s why school bus drivers take their duties quite seriously. And it also explains the plethora of requirements and a battery of tests and training to … Read more

How to Know if PA School Bus Driver Is Good at Their Job

A day of the life of a PA school bus driver consists of the same schedule each weekday. The day starts by completing their pre-checks. Then they pick up the kids on their route early in the morning. Next, they drop the students off at school. They have a midday break before picking them up … Read more

School Bus Drivers Want to Know If Driving Offsets Daycare Costs

More people choose school bus driving as their next career option. Compared to other professions, school bus driving is a viable career option for parents of young children. Parents considering a school bus driver career want to know if this job offsets daycare costs. In most districts, school bus drivers can bring up to two pre-school-aged … Read more