Can You Become a Part-Time PA School Bus Driver?

If you’re looking for a sideline job to supplement your income or just looking for first work experience, you might be interested in the part-time PA school bus driver position.

The job of a school bus driver will offer you the following:

  • Deeply enriching experiences
  • Competitive pay and benefits packages
  • No prior education required
  • Free training and licensing
  • It keeps you active and involved within your community

Being a school bus driver is a fantastic opportunity because it doesn’t require prior professional driving experience or even a college degree. Your prospective employer will provide all the training you need to become a qualified school bus driver. If you love working with children, driving a school bus could be your perfect job.

But this job doesn’t come without its challenges. But if you have what it takes to stand up to these difficulties, they will become less challenging. You will thrive in this occupation with the right training, orientation, working environment, good pay and benefits, and the chance to serve the community. It can be more than just an occupation – it can become a long-lasting vocation.

What are the benefits of being a part-time school bus driver? 

Even though it is a part-time job, being a school bus driver offers several benefits, and these benefits are beyond the excellent pay and benefits packages.

Being a school bus driver can be relatively easy since you only drive the established route to and from school.

Another, you’ll be working in a positive environment – smiling and laughing children, grateful parents, and appreciative community members.

Most school bus drivers agree it is a rewarding job. The satisfaction you get in serving the community and establishing a lasting connection with them will enrich your job and your life.

While this job can appeal to everyone, certain people were born to become bus drivers. Here are some of the personality types which are ideal for this type of profession:

  • People who love children
  • Retired people are looking for something to keep themselves busy
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • People looking for an extra job
  • People looking for first work experience

Here are some of the desirable traits that every aspiring school bus driver should possess:

  • Keen eyesight – Federal laws require that school bus drivers have at least a 20/20 vision with a 70-degree field of vision in both eyes and not have colorblindness.
  • Sharp hearing
  • Good physical well-being – Certain ailments, such as hypertension or epilepsy, may prevent you from becoming a school bus driver as they could impede your ability to operate a school bus safely.
  • Attentiveness and focus
  • Relaxed nature
  • Pleasant attitude
  • Sharp senses and quick reaction
  • Ability to multi-task

Here is the list of standard requirements that would help you qualify for the job:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must pass a physical examination (including a tuberculosis test)
  • Must pass a drug screening test
  • Must maintain a good driving record for the past ten (10) years
  • Must have the following: FBI clearance, PA State Criminal Record, and PA Child Abuse Clearance
  • Must pass the PA State Knowledge and Driving Test (which includes a commercial driver’s license and school bus, passenger, and air brake endorsement)

Many potential employers help with the expenses that come along with obtaining these background checks. They also provide you with the necessary training, which includes hands-on, in-bus training.

When you’re driving a school bus, whether part-time or full-time, you’re making a difference in the schoolchildren’s lives and contributing a positive impact to your community. This article explains a little more about why being a part-time school bus driver is a great job.

If you have what it takes to qualify as a part-time PA school bus driver, you can start by browsing available school bus job openings in Pennsylvania at