Six Ways Being a School Bus Driver Can Jumpstart Your Career

Whether you’re looking for your first job or are a retiree who still desires to contribute to your community, a PA school bus driving job can be your best career move. Driving a school bus can be a promising career because it can help you in many ways. It can prove rewarding in many ways, from socially to even financially. 


1) You create a valuable purpose in life: keeping children safe

Being a school bus driver should be your dream job if you love spending time with children. Having the ability to make children feel comfortable is just as important as driving the school bus. This profession also helps you to become more aware of the safety of your young passengers. Thus, it also allows you to become more careful and vigilant. You also consider the children’s safety as your top priority. You always want to ensure the kids make it to school and their homes and enforce safe loading and unloading measures daily. This is why the number of school bus accidents is minimal.


2) You can spend your days enjoying the drive

While riding a large vehicle may be intimidating, others may love the idea. If you’re the latter, the challenge of riding a school bus every day makes you feel excited.


3) You can hone your excellent people skills

If you’re a “people person,” driving a school bus should be your perfect job as it involves interaction with different people – the teachers, school officials, parents, and of course, the kids! Your ability to communicate with others should serve you well in this profession.


4) You can have a flexible work schedule

If you don’t like the idea of an ordinary 9-to-5 job, driving a school bus offers you more flexibility in your schedule. A typical day for a school bus driver consists of working early in the morning and then later in the afternoon with a several-hour break. The midday break allows you to do the things you want or need: napping, reading, doing some errands, seeing a movie, studying, participating in community work, etc. 


You can also accompany kids to out-of-campus events, such as a field trip or a sporting event. Most drivers have weekends, holidays, and summers off since they also follow the school calendar.


5) It helps you to become calm under pressure

Many things are going on inside and outside the bus: severe weather conditions, demanding children, traffic jams, angry motorists, and overwhelming road construction. In addition, bullying, fighting, and even good-natured high jinks can sometimes get out of hand on the school bus. But those difficulties may become less challenging if you have a patient demeanor and the ability to think quickly and calmly.


6) You can have a rewarding and important career without a college degree

Starting a school bus driver career doesn’t require four years in college. A training program is provided for every aspiring driver to get their commercial driver’s license (CDL), which is necessary for their employment. Drivers can complete the program in as little as six weeks – if you’re determined enough, you can even complete the program in less than that. No prior bus driving is also required to begin.


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