Why Retirees Become PA School Bus Drivers

People who have worked for years dream of having a comfortable retirement. But many of our older folks are still employed or still want to run a business despite having hit retirement age.

You may have noticed that many PA school bus drivers consist of the aging population. You may think they should enjoy their retirement and not bother with working. While earning a supplemental income may be the main reason, there are other reasons why many retirees want to become school bus drivers.

  1. Retirees may want to stay physically and mentally active – as an adage goes, “a rolling stone gathers no moss.”
  2. Retired individuals still desire to be in touch with the younger generation, especially if they are the type of people who love being around and working with children.
  3. They still want to be a valuable and vital part of their community.
  4. Some states may experience a shortage of school bus drivers; some school districts may need substitutes, part-timers, or temporary bus drivers.
  5. The benefits. School bus drivers receive all the benefits of a public-school employee, including personal leave, paid sick leave, and summers off with continued pay.

These are just some reasons why this job is popular among retirees.

Many jurisdictions that do not have mandatory retirement policies pave the way for the aging population to work and be employed, despite having hit retirement age (65 years old and above). That’s why it’s pretty usual to see older adults driving school buses in those jurisdictions.

As for safety concerns, there exists little data or evidence, that driving a school bus poses an increased safety risk.

Most school districts have a fixed and dedicated route and stops for school bus drivers, so it’s doubtful they would drive off route, perhaps except for emergencies. So, it makes for a relatively manageable job, especially for retirees.

Driving a school bus for a living is also great for semi-retirees, farmers, and others looking for additional income or job experience.

Of course, like many other jobs, this type of job is not for everyone. Not every retiree who wants to become a school bus driver may not be qualified as one. They should also be aware of the responsibilities of a school bus driver.

Retirees who aspire to be school bus drivers have to meet specific requirements. They should also have valid driving licenses and sufficient documentation to become qualified bus drivers. And, of course, they must pass several tests, including physical, vision, and screening tests. Like many other applicants, retirees should complete specific hours of training and pass a criminal background check, as well as a child abuse history check.

If employed by the school district, school bus drivers are subject to annual psychological and medical exams. If a driver is over 70 years old, they may be subject to a semi-annual exam. Read How to Become a PA School Bus Driver for more information.

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