PA School Bus Driver – Why It’s a Great Part-Time Job

If you’re looking for a profession that you may find genuinely satisfying in almost all aspects, perhaps you may want to become a PA school bus driver?

While driving a school bus may not be the next career choice that first pops into your head, it’s a satisfying job, even fun. Of course, it has challenges like many other professions, but it will reward you with perks that go beyond the usual salaries and benefits.

Driving a school bus can be a full-time or part-time job. But even full-time school bus drivers enjoy an extensive break during their morning and afternoon routes, so it somewhat feels like a part-time job.

Driving a school bus is a great way to supplement your income. If you’re retired from your desk job but still want to remain active, this can be an excellent “after-retirement” career choice. Do you love children and working with them? This job may be the perfect job for you.

Time off during the day.

A demanding work schedule gives drivers a long break in the middle of the day. School bus drivers take advantage of their downtime by working additional jobs within the school system, running errands, taking courses, catching a movie, playing some hoops, even taking a quick nap, and more.

You’ll get to interact with people.

Perhaps you’re a “people person” who also loves children. There isn’t a more rewarding career than driving a school bus. It allows you to interact with both kids and adults every school day. Having the ability to make kids comfortable is just as essential as driving a school bus. You’ve become a trustworthy figure that kids will look up to regularly. In addition to the regular school route, you can also pick up routes to drive students to off-campus events (such as field trips) or private charter groups on trips. Every day allows you to get a child’s day started right and remind them that they are welcome and valued.

You’ll be able to make friends.

Since driving a school bus allows interaction, it’s an excellent chance to meet new people and make new friends. From the first day of training, you’ll meet new teammates and fellow drivers, forming friendships with them along the way. As long as your team is solid, it will be the foundation for enduring relationships and making friends with your colleagues.

Have a positive impact on your community.

School bus drivers become involved in their community in a way that few other occupations provide. They usually work within their district, serving families and neighborhoods they know. The school children depend on them to safely transport them to and from school.

School bus drivers also interact with teachers and parents during their shifts, making it a perfect career choice for any “people person.” Driving a school bus can be a fantastic opportunity to serve and give back to your community.

Great wages and benefits

If you’re not informed yet, you will be surprised by the significant wages and benefits of driving a school bus. Even part-time drivers can enjoy competitive wages and benefits packages. These benefits include paid holidays, health and dental insurance, retirement savings plans, etc.

Not only does this career give you the chance to serve your community, but you’ll also get paid to do it.

Training is provided.

School bus drivers are essential employees in their communities. If you cannot afford training, don’t worry – many companies provide training courses for aspiring school bus drivers. These comprehensive programs include classroom lessons on school bus safety and behind-the-wheel instruction that prepare trainees to become top-quality school bus drivers. In addition, these programs also include vehicle maintenance and emergency procedures. Read “Getting the Right Training for PA School Bus Drivers” to learn more.

Does being a PA school bus driver sound like your next career move? If you think it’s the right job for you, check our current openings for full and part-time school bus driver jobs or call us at (717) 975-1951.