School Bus Driver’s Tips for Disinfecting Buses

School Bus Drivers Tips for Disinfecting Buses

As a school bus driver, your priority is always the safety of the students. With the Covid-19 pandemic still lingering, that safety has now extended to keeping the school bus clean, sanitized, and disinfected to prevent the virus and other microbes from spreading.   Unlike other viruses, the Covid-19 virus can spread at a fast … Read more

Ways the Yellow School Bus Changed Over Time

Ways the Yellow School Bus Changed Over Time

Whenever you see a school bus on the road, you might wonder, “Why is the school bus yellow? Why not red, white, or any other color?” or “Why does the school bus look a bit different from the other buses?” You might be surprised that the yellow hue wasn’t always the standard. Would you also … Read more

The History of the Yellow School Bus

Yellow school buses have truly evolved over the decades – from the first horse-drawn wagons in the early 20th century to the state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly school buses of today.   Today, most kids take the school bus, and that’s something that they take for granted. But it’s hard to imagine what school transportation was like back … Read more