Pennsylvania School Bus Drivers Receive Health Care

Pennsylvania school bus drivers positively impact the students under their care and the school district, and the entire community they serve. If you are the type of person who loves being and working with children, it’s enough motivation for you to become a school bus driver.


The responsibility is tremendous while getting the children to and from school takes only a few hours (with a break in-between). The income and benefits that school bus drivers throughout Pennsylvania receive may vary, but the challenge remains the same: to fill the responsibilities and challenges that this job entails.


Knowing how to drive is not the only requirement. Every school bus driver must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and other tons of requirements, pass several tests, and complete hours of training. The role of a bus driver is more than just taking the kids to and from school at a predetermined route by the school district. School bus drivers also play the roles of second (or third) parents, disciplinarians, and caregivers. They are also responsible for the vehicles they drive – to keep them neat and inspect (and do necessary repairs) to ensure roadworthiness.


Driving a school bus is primarily a part-time job – but as you can see, it is not an easy one! That’s why school bus drivers deserve (and enjoy) pretty much the same benefits package that many full-time employees receive. These benefits include personal leave, paid sick leave, paid holidays, health and dental insurance, retirement plans, and other compensation. Some 


Believe it or not, many people – even including college graduates and full-time professionals – turn to school bus driving mainly because of the benefits. Most employees put health care above all other benefits, which tells you how important having health insurance is. Of course, no one wants or plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical treatment at some point.


Naturally, school bus drivers spend most of their work hours on the road. Their day starts early in the morning, they have a break while kids are in school, and they finish the day late in the afternoon. Although school buses usually have an excellent safety record, accidents can happen. School bus drivers may encounter fixed hazards in their routes, such as pedestrian areas, railroad grade crossings, overpasses and underpasses, bridges, tunnels, steep downgrades, and curves. Mishaps can also happen inside the bus. 


Driver error can also be a factor in road accidents. Weather and loud distractions may cause the driver to commit a potentially destructive mistake that can cause injury – or worse – to themself and the schoolchildren under their care. That’s why all drivers must take all the necessary safety precautions and have the required skills to show their ability to drive large vehicles such as school buses.


Mechanical defect or failure in the bus is also another factor. Drivers should check the vehicle, preferably before and after using it, to ensure that it is in top condition.


Like many other employees, school bus drivers get sick and may have to be absent from work for a few days to recuperate.


With those risks and other reasons, school bus drivers must have health care benefits. These benefits provide financial protection to the school bus drivers in case of a severe accident or illness. For instance, a broken leg from a road mishap may set a school bus driver back about $7,500. Health care benefits and insurance can help protect them from high hospitalization costs.


With health care and insurance, school bus drivers can have access to preventative services (such as shots and screening tests) as well as check-ups at zero cost.


As long as Pennsylvania school bus drivers are employed by their school districts, they are qualified for health care and other benefits. You can read What Are the Rewards of Working as a Pennsylvania School Bus Driver for more information. If the health care benefits factor attracts you, you may be interested in applying as a school bus driver on this link: