What Are the Rewards of Working as a Pennsylvania School Bus Driver?

School bus driving professionals play a critical role in education and local communities. They are the direct link between a neighborhood and the classroom! When you choose a career as a Pennsylvania school bus driver, you are providing the safest, most organized, and predictable beginning and end to the school day for children and their parents.

Every profession is not without its challenges, but school bus driving has many rewards. People from all walks of life choose school bus driving as a career and often times a second career because of the great perks awaiting them. Below are some of the reasons why working as a Pennsylvania school bus driver can be rewarding, often in some ways that are quite unexpected:

1) Competitive salary and benefits

There are many part-time and full-time school bus driver job openings throughout Pennsylvania that offer competitive salaries and benefits. While these benefits may vary, school bus drivers may be eligible for dental and retirement benefits as well as health and life insurances.

2) Time off during the day

The flexible work schedule of a school bus driver oftentimes allows for a break in the middle of the day. Drivers can spend time with their children, take a well-deserved nap, catch a movie, run a few extra laps at a nearby park, play a round of golf, shoot some hoops, browse the internet, and shop at some stores, go to the doctor or dentist appointments, or pursue continuing-education classes or even drive extra hours.

3) Summers and holidays off
Bus drivers typically work according to the school calendar. When the kids have their school breaks and summer holidays, the same may also go for the bus drivers. This means more time for camping, beach trips, barbecues in the summer, and other activities with their families and friends.

4) No prior education is required

You don’t have to be a college degree holder or even have previous professional driving experience to be a school bus driver. As long as you are 18 years old, are able to drive, have adequate hearing and vision, possess a good driving record, and understand the rules of the road, you are likely eligible to be a school bus driver. You will, however, undergo on-the-job training to obtain your commercial driver’s license, which will serve you well in the future.

5) Service to your community

Being a school bus driver is not just an occupation – for most drivers, it has become a calling to serve their community. Over 1.5 million children (or 88% of K-12 students) ride the school bus each day in Pennsylvania. School bus drivers are valued and appreciated professionals that help keep those 1.5 million kids in school each year.

6) Part of a Family Team

If you are a people person who particularly loves interacting with children and wants to give back to the community, working as a Pennsylvania school bus driver will be a perfect opportunity to do so.

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