Many PA School Bus Contractors Need School Bus Drivers

School bus contractors are private companies that provide student transport services to a school district or a private school. It’s a given that many PA school bus contractors need school bus drivers to keep their business going and to keep up with the schools’ demands for student transportation services.

Pennsylvania is a state that has the highest percentage of privately owned and operated school bus fleets in the country. Around 85% of the school districts in Pennsylvania have chosen to hire bus contractors for transporting students to and from school. The districts themselves handle the remaining 15% of the school transport services. The higher the demand from many school districts, the more urgent the bus contractors’ need for drivers.

Here are some benefits for driving for a school bus contractor:

  • Some contractors choose to provide benefits to their employees
  • Contracting companies sometimes compensate driver training as an incentive for new drivers to sign on
  • Contractors can drive for multiple school districts and charters while working for a school bus contractor

Many school districts and bus contractors need to recruit school bus drivers. It is not unknown to many people that there is such a shortage of school bus drivers. For many years, a lack of school bus drivers has been a problem, but the COVID-19 pandemic has almost turned the industry upside-down causing the shortage to be severe.

School districts and school bus contractors have been thinking of new ways to overcome the new challenges associated with the pandemic. Many bus companies have started offering salary bonuses and other perks to new drivers. Besides obtaining bonuses, companies are becoming more accommodating to the drivers’ needs.

The situation has been improving so far. But school districts and school bus contractors are still in need of drivers.  Read this to learn The Benefits of School Bus Ridership. Being a school bus driver is a rewarding career that allows you to become a better part of the community. If you think you have what it takes to become a school bus driver, check out