Field Trips Locations PA School Bus Drivers Take Students

Learning is not confined to only the four walls of the classroom. Students also need to go out of the classroom and into the real world to have a first-hand and immersive experience of the subjects previously lectured. Educational field trips provide such an experience to the students to help them broaden their knowledge and expand their worldview. These trips also make learning a lot more fun and memorable. 


School buses play a big role during field trip season, as they are the safest mode of transportation to transport students to and from the trip location.


Possible locations for field trips include museums, art galleries, zoos, nature parks, government agencies, performance art venues, cultural sites, and community outreach locations, to name a few. Pennsylvania has plenty of places that will make excellent field trip choices. Here are some of them:


1) The Amish Village, Lancaster

The Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the oldest and largest Amish community in the state and the entire United States. In the Amish Village, students get to see and experience the Amish culture and way of life. They will be able to tour around the authentic Amish farmhouse, blacksmith shop, and 12 acres of property, among many areas of interest. The trip is ideal for kindergarten through sixth-grade students, but it can be adapted to cater to older students.


2) Museum of Indian Culture, Allentown

The Museum of Indian Culture, founded in 1980, is a non-profit organization and resource center dedicated to presenting and preserving Native American culture both in the northeastern and the western United States. For many years, the museum has offered various educational activities for families in the Greater Lehigh Valley and other visitors. Exhibits, interactive educational programs, and festivals aim to set the standards for Native American education in eastern Pennsylvania.


3) State Capitol, Harrisburg

The Pennsylvania Capitol is one of the favorite sites for educational field trips where students can relive the state’s rich history. Tour guides in the capitol are available and can take the students through a 30-minute tour, which the students can take before or after visits to the Interactive Welcome Center and the capitol’s gift and souvenir shop.


4) Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg

The Civil War reached its turning point with the Battle of Gettysburg. The war’s bloodiest battle ended with 51,000 casualties, the Union’s victory, and the dissolution of the Confederate States of America. The Gettysburg National Military Park provides lots of learning opportunities, from history to army strategy to decisions on leadership. This once-battlefield now serves as the home for various wildlife species (many of which are endangered), so it’s also an excellent place for nature lovers to explore.


5) Northern Central Railway, New Freedom

The Northern Central Railway is a must-visit site in the small town of New Freedom. It is a non-profit, educational, and charitable institution that offers every visitor a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Students can learn about and relive the Wild West era while enjoying the countryside while riding on a replica of the 1860s steam locomotive.


6) The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

The State Museum of Pennsylvania offers educational programs to encourage visitors of any age to discover and explore the state’s storied and exciting past. The museum has field trip options for students of all ages. For instance, the educational Story Time is primarily for children ages 3 to 5. At the same time, classes on various topics such as Native Americans, rocks, and William Penn are great for second through sixth-grade students. In fourth grade and up, students might be interested in visiting the Gallery Tours that touch on archaeology, anthropology, Pennsylvania icons, machines, and events through time. There’s also a planetarium that will appeal to nearly all visitors, even those not into astronomy.


7) Hollabaugh Bros. Inc. Fruit Farm and Market, Biglerville

The Hollabaugh Bros. Inc. Fruit Farm and Market is a 500-acre farm in the small town of Biglerville. It is a fantastic way to introduce modern farming to students, making this place an altogether different field trip idea.


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