What Happens If a PA School Bus Is in an Accident?

The last thing that any parent would want to hear is the news that their child was in a PA school bus accident.

School bus accidents are rare, and over 25 million children ride the school bus every day. But accidents do sometimes occur, unfortunately.

If a child suffers injuries or trauma in a school bus crash, the first thing is to seek medical help immediately. The police and ambulance will arrive at the scene of the accident. If urgent and necessary, the medical staff will assess your child’s injuries and take them to the hospital. If you’re the parent of the child suffering from injuries from the accident, follow up with their doctor as necessary regarding your child’s condition, diagnostic tests, or any other medical procedures your child has related to their injuries.

If and when school bus accidents happen, they can often be attributed to various parties.

  • The school bus driver
  • The employer of the school bus driver
  • The manufacturer of a defective part or component of the school bus

Any of those listed could be liable for the damage or losses suffered from the school bus accident.

If it’s the school bus driver’s fault, it could be that he sped too much or violated other traffic laws. He could also be distracted while driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Or he failed in different aspects, such as minimizing distractions while the bus is in motion and accounting for the traffic or adverse road or weather conditions. Or he may have overcrowded the bus.

In some cases, school bus drivers may be distracted and thus be responsible for any damages or losses from the accident. If that’s the case, there’s a chance that those injured may sue the driver, and complainants would file a claim with the driver’s insurance. But it will still depend on the facts or circumstances surrounding the accident.

The employer of the school bus driver or a third-party contracting agency that the school district hired could also be at fault. They may have provided inadequate training or credentials for the school drivers.

If the cause of the accident turns out to be due to defective components or parts used to assemble the school bus, then the manufacturer of these components or parts will likely be liable for the damage and losses. The victims’ claims will fall under the product liability law that concerns significantly legal issues and can be legally complicated to develop. Often, key witnesses are needed to provide substantial evidence or determine that a specific component or part was indeed defective and the cause of the accident.

Again, school bus accidents are rare. But if your child, or you as a driver, is involved in an accident involving a school bus, determining who is liable can be a legally complex issue. Contact your local accident attorney to help you through the legal process so that you will be able to determine who’s responsible for accidents involving the PA school bus driver.

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