How to Help Students to Learn to Love Riding the Bus

Some students are excited about hopping onto the school bus, while others may be reluctant about riding it. Many school children, especially the first-timers, may feel anxious riding the bus during the first few weeks, and it’s quite understandable. After all, they’re getting on board a big, yellow vehicle with many other kids they don’t … Read more

Transporting Students with Special Needs

One of the traits of a great bus driver is concern towards all student passengers, but most especially patience and compassion towards students with special needs and disabilities. In different states, a school district may need specialized transportation to a student with special needs who is not under special education. The school administration system has … Read more

How PA School Bus Drivers Ensure a Safe Ride during the Pandemic

Schools going back to in-person learning have been striving to do an excellent job of ensuring that learning environments are cleaned and disinfected correctly to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus or coronavirus. It is a good idea to sanitize the modes of transportation that carry students to and from school. Cleaning the school … Read more

The School Bus Is the Safest Way to Travel to and from School

The School Bus Is the Safest Way to Travel to and from School

Around 25 million students nationwide start and end their day with a trip on the school bus. School buses are designed specifically with the safety of the students and driver in mind. School buses use compartmentalization to protect students. The seats are closely spaced and have high, energy-absorbing seat backs, plus seat belts. The National … Read more