Do You Have Weekends Off as a School Bus Driver?

In every profession, people strive for a good work-and-life balance. As a school bus driver, you will have time off to rest, recharge, and spend time with your families and loved ones.

School bus drivers can be employed by private contractors or school districts. The main job is to safely transport students from home to school (and vice versa) based on the schedule and route they have been assigned during regular school hours. In addition to regular school hours, off-campus events, field trips, and sporting events take place both after school and sometimes on the weekends.

It’s safe to say that most school bus drivers have weekends off, as well as holidays and school breaks if they choose. They usually follow the regular school schedule just like the students do. However, school bus drivers can work overtime, weekends, holidays, and school breaks to earn extra money, whether it’s by their own decision or they are called to work by their employer.

What is a typical day like for a school bus driver?

The work of a bus driver is usually a part-time job, but it comes with a very rewarding and oftentimes, full-time responsibility. School bus drivers are responsible for safely transporting children of all ages to and from school.

With safety as a top priority, a school bus driver typically starts their day completing a thorough inspection of the bus. A driver will review and test the operation of lights, stop arm, brakes, cameras, safety equipment, seats, and many other important safety items throughout the school bus.  Completing paperwork is periodically required, along with reporting any issues found during inspection with the vehicle. The scheduling of pickup and drop-off times may vary by district or employer, along with the ages and grades of the children riding.

Once the students have arrived at their destination, drivers may have varying downtime between morning and afternoon school bus runs. Drivers may spend a few minutes tidying up the bus in preparation for their next run

School bus drivers can work anywhere between 170-180 days per school year, with multiple shifts (morning, midday, afternoon, and late-day), for a range of two to seven hours a day. Additional hours, runs, or trips can be arranged with the district or contractor.

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