Pennsylvania School Bus Drivers: Helping Students Get to School Each Day

School buses are some of the most familiar sights in the United States. As long as students are going to school (as opposed to remote learning), school bus drivers will ensure that they get to school safely every day.

As a school bus driver, he is responsible for bringing children to and from school. He makes sure to pick up the schoolchildren from their homes on time and return them home in the same way.

In urban areas, bus routes may be highly populated and high-traffic places. Routes in rural areas, however, may have poor road conditions. But no matter the situation, a school driver ensures that the kids will arrive at their school as timely as possible every school day.

Aside from the typical fixed bus-to-school route, the bus driver takes schoolchildren for off-campus events, including field trips, sporting events, and private group tours. While on the road, the bus driver is responsible for keeping a safe environment for the schoolchildren on board. He should follow safety rules as students board and exit the bus and cross the streets near bus stops. He should have excellent maneuvering skills and follow on-road signs, rules, and regulations, such as stopping beside the railroad tracks as the train approaches and navigating the railroad crossing safely after the train leaves.

School bus drivers help keep the school system running. But one of the great things about being a school bus driver is that it’s a relatively relaxed job. School bus drivers have a flexible working schedule and don’t have to work many hours. After dropping off the kids at school, the drivers have afternoon breaks that they can spend on resting, do any recreational activities, devote themselves to studying, go to a bookstore or movie house, etc.

Like the schoolchildren, school bus drivers also enjoy weekends and holidays off. During summer breaks, school bus drivers may or may not work depending on the school or the bus company for which they work.

For instance, if some children take summer classes, school bus drivers may still do what they typically do on regular school days – to pick up and drop off students on a fixed route before and after classes. The number of summer school student passengers is typically much fewer, but no job is too big or small for the dedicated school bus drivers. They are happy to do their duties in transporting children to and from school safely.

If you love driving and also love working with children, the career of a school bus driver must be for you. You also don’t need to have a college degree to secure this job. All you have to do is to undergo and pass several tests (such as physical, vision, general knowledge, and road tests, among others), training, background checks, and submit licensing and other pertinent and valid documentation to successfully qualify in this job.

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