How PA School Bus Drivers Serve as Community Leaders

School buses were introduced on American roads in the 1930s and have improved families’ lives all over the country. Today, school buses transport 26 million students every school day. Because of these school buses, families can save time and money and enjoy convenience. The most qualified PA school bus drivers ensure the safety and order of their young passengers while they’re on board.

To many people, school bus drivers transport kids to school early in the morning and then to their homes at the end of each school day. But to more people, school bus drivers are among the most important members of the community. They go beyond their fundamental roles to become leaders of their communities.

School bus drivers are valuable to the school district for which they work. More than just transporting students to and from school, they also do other tasks, such as delivering food and materials needed by the school district. Owing to the nature of their work and the flexibility of their schedule, school bus drivers are dependable. They will come to every need of the school district and the community they serve.

Some school bus drivers still go to work during the summer, transporting summer school students even when they’re not as many as the number of students in a regular school year. They prefer to keep working and perform their duties during the summer. Some school bus drivers use the summer months to focus on learning everything they need to know to succeed in their chosen field. After all, the summer months are the best time for them to complete their training and licensing to start fresh in the next school year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in overwhelming changes and challenging adjustments, including brief and limited student interaction. However, it has also given them some new additional roles.

The pandemic has added a new responsibility to their roles as disciplinarians. School bus drivers are also aware of the Covid-19 outbreaks in many areas of the country. That’s why they make sure that every student boarding the bus follows health and safety protocols. Then, at the end of each ride (or before each ride), they thoroughly clean and disinfect the bus. They all do these things to make sure that their students’ rides are as safe as possible.

Even though many of the classes today are virtual, and there are no routes to drive, school bus drivers still find ways to help students. They run errands for families of these students who cannot go out of the house due to safety reasons. School bus drivers may deliver lunches, grocery items, and other essentials to these families. They even stage bus parades around the community to boost student morale.

Their resilience, especially in the most challenging times, is nothing short of admirable and will make them great role models, especially for students. Their willingness to help is where the community realizes and appreciates the importance of bus drivers and their selfless service, dedication, and leadership. School bus drivers are indeed an indispensable part of the community. Read the article Pennsylvania School Bus Drivers Helping Students Get to School Each Day to learn more.

The job of a school bus driver can be a rewarding and life-changing experience. If you love working with children and serving the community, then the position of a school bus driver might be your next calling! If you want to become part of a community team, visit for available jobs TODAY!