What Is a Part-Time School Bus Job?

What Is a Part-Time School Bus Job?

More employers are offering part-time opportunities for people of different backgrounds – working students, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and people looking for extra jobs to supplement their income. Many job-seekers, however, overlook the perks of being a school bus driver. Do you like to drive, love working with people (especially children), and want a career with … Read more

Discovering More about Women in Transportation

Like many other industries, the transportation industry presents challenging and rewarding career opportunities for women. But women in transportation remain underrepresented – with only about 22% of the workforce – and it’s time to shift this to a better balance.   When the Covid-19 pandemic first swept the United States in 2020, it wiped out … Read more

Are Pennsylvania School Bus Jobs for Retirement-Aged People?

The challenge for most retirement-aged people looking for work is finding something part-time, has some flexibility, and enables them to interact with different people, allowing them to stay very much involved in their community. Pennsylvania school bus jobs seem to fit the bill for retirement-aged people looking for new career opportunities. Senior citizens driving school … Read more