What Is a Part-Time School Bus Job?

More employers are offering part-time opportunities for people of different backgrounds – working students, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and people looking for extra jobs to supplement their income.

Many job-seekers, however, overlook the perks of being a school bus driver. Do you like to drive, love working with people (especially children), and want a career with competitive compensation and benefits? Then, driving a school bus for a living would be a perfect option for several reasons.

Flexible schedule

Driving a school bus comes with flexible working hours, especially for part-time schedules. Most drivers take the kids to school in the early morning, then pick them up and drive them home at the end of the school day. The midday break allows the drivers to do whatever they want – catch a nap, read a book, run errands, do some grocery shopping, catch up on their studies, review an upcoming exam, participate in civic outreach, etc. Almost all school bus drivers enjoy the flexibility of the job.

Holidays and time off

School bus driving is seasonal employment in most districts. Drivers only work while school is in session from September to June. So, say goodbye to working in the summer and holidays and hello to spending time with your family and friends. The holidays and summer and spring break also allow the drivers to pursue their hobbies and interests or jump into other career opportunities.

Making a difference in children’s lives

If you love kids and working with them, then being a part-time school bus driver is a fulfilling career. You get to see the kids before and after school daily. Being a school bus driver is more than just knowing how to drive. It also involves interacting with children and making them feel comfortable, safe, and welcome each time you open the doors. These small encounters add up over the years. You’ll never know – you may impact every child’s life with a cheerful “Hello!”

Connection with the local community

Driving a school bus part-time involves interacting with students, parents, neighbors, friends, fellow drivers, the school administration, etc. These encounters regularly will keep you connected with your local community. You meet different people and interact with the students and their families whenever you pick them up or drop them off. Interacting with them requires strong communication skills to address anxious children or concerned parents. Driving a school bus also lets you encounter people integral to the school system and your local community.

Salary and benefits

One of the great things about being a part-time school bus driver is the steady income and other excellent benefits, such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Rental insurance
  • Paid vacation leaves
  • Sick leaves

No need for a college degree or prior experience

You don’t need a four-year college degree or professional driving experience to be a part-time school bus driver. To get started, you must undergo a training program and obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The program includes in-class instruction and behind-the-wheel training (simulated and real-life). No matter the education or employment background, all applicants will likely undergo training as part of the hiring process. It ensures that schools get the best drivers knowledgeable in bus and road safety and emergency procedures.

While driving a school bus is a part-time job, it carries full responsibility. But along with the challenges of transporting children to and from school, encountering problems on the road, dealing with problem kids, and a lot more, there are also benefits awaiting any qualified driver. These benefits go beyond the ordinary income, insurance, and benefits package. You’re also making a difference in the lives of everyone you encounter, especially the children. You’re an essential part of shaping their future.

If you’re interested in becoming a part-time school bus driver, check out https://schoolbushero.com/jobs for current job openings.