What to Expect as a Bus Driver for the New School Year

Just as parents, teachers, and children prepare for a new school year – so do school bus drivers. Pennsylvania school bus drivers have been busy this summer going over their routes and double-checking their buses to ensure that there are no issues. During the summer months, school bus drivers also spend time completing classroom and in-bus training from everything from route review to first aid.

The other things that bus drivers expect as they will start working again for the new school year:

  • Learn the bus routes and when to arrive at every bus stop.
  • Help students, especially smaller students or those with disabilities, on and off the bus.
  • Follow traffic rules.
  • Make sure that the students are safe inside the bus.
  • Make sure that the students are behaving well.
  • Maintain order inside the bus.
  • Report any issues to the school administrators.
  • Ensure the vehicle is in good condition by checking parts such as lights, extended stop arms, gas levels, tire pressure, etc.
  • Make sure that the bus is cleaned and disinfected.

Safety is the most vital trait a bus driver should exercise throughout their duty. It’s a necessary qualification for a school bus driver. Many school bus employers place an outstanding driving record, clean background, and valid license over educational attainment.

School bus drivers also expect that the other drivers share safely on the road by giving them a little extra space, particularly in construction zones. When the other drivers see the flashing yellow lights from a school bus, the bus is getting ready to slow down and stop. However, it doesn’t mean that when the school bus stops, the other drivers should speed up to pass the big, yellow vehicle. The other drivers on both sides of the road should also stop when the school bus extends its stop sign as it prepares to load or unload passengers. Driving around a school bus could result in a penalty, typically a ticket.

Another thing that school bus drivers expect for the new school year is, of course, meeting the kids again. They may see familiar faces or meet new students. Bus drivers are happy to see the students again, whether long-time or new riders. It’s one of the perks of being a school bus driver, especially if they love kids – the chance to interact with the students and positively impact their lives every school day.

Driving a school bus makes a perfect career for anyone because it allows a healthy work-life balance, considering its flexible schedule and incredible benefits. If you want to jump-start your career, read this article. If that sounds like your kind of gig, log in to https://schoolbushero.com/jobs and pursue a new career as a bus driver.